24 February 2017

Kramer award

On 23rd February 2017 was conferred Edoardo Kramer Award from Pia Edoardo Kramer foundation and from Lombard Academy Institute of science and literature on Alessandro Rossi, one of the associates of SpaceDyS. The award is dedicated to the most efficient Italian researcher in 2016, who achieved significant results and relevant theory aspects in the field of space dynamics, concerns space debris and satellite orbits.

Alessandro Rossi is responsible “ad interim” for the R&D team of Astrodynamics and Space Debris at Ifac-CNR in Florence (Italy), and he has been mainly involved for many years now in the satellite flight dynamics field, in the study of models for long term space debris families, in impact hazards in-Earth orbits and in planetary science. He is also coordinator of the European project Horizon 2020 ‘ReDSHIFT’ (htpp://redshift-h2020.eu/) for the study of innovative measurements regards the mitigation problem arisen from the debris in the space activities. Asteorid 1990 RV2 is called 5185 Alerossi in his honour.

The Edoardo Kramer foundation was established in 1879, and since its constitution has been conferring the yearly award to the “ Italian researcher, who has already achieved an important issue in physics and mathematics”.

The Lombard Institute, located in Milan at Brera building, was established from Napoleon Bonaparte and was based on the model of “Institut de France” of 1797, with the aim to gather all the discoveries in order to improve art and science. The first chairman was Alessandro Volta, while Alessandro Manzoni was the honorary president.