15 May 2017

Prisma Day

We are very pleased to announce that today, May 16th 2017, the first Italian meeting about meteors and meteorites science will take place in Florence at the Museum of Natural History.

The meteors, or falling stars, are the visible traces of asteroids’ or comets’ fragments with dimensions of less than one meter. They get into the Earth’s atmosphere at high speed, and they crush to the ground. The Prisma Project idea is to locate the point of impact and the meteors’ pieces.

The region of possible impact can be very large, and its extent is related to the orbit accuracy. Starting from a short track of the object in the sky it is very difficult to obtain an accurate orbit, but if more observers are able to see the same track at the same time, the accuracy could be improved very much.

On March 27th 2017, SpaceDyS installed an “All-Sky camera” in Cascina (Pisa) Italy to monitor the sky, joining the Prisma project network. SpaceDyS is thus one of the partners of the Prisma Project, and will provide its knowledge and skills in the field of orbit determination. It will take part to the event of May 16th 2017  with a presentation on the company’s role in the project.