28 May 2017

To not end up like dinosaurs

Our Researchers, Laura Faggioli and Marta Ceccaroni, pubblished a dissemination article about the activities aimed to not end up like dinosaurs. The article was published on the n. 68 of magazine “Coleum Astronomia 2017” and it was written in cooperation with the ESA SSA-NEO Coordination Centre team of ESRIN (Italy).

From the definition and classification of NEOs, to the mitigation techniques, the article describes the process used to monitor the  Near Earth Objects throughout the computation of the orbit and the probability of collision with the Earth.

In the article some examples of real events are reported in order to explain the motivation to have an European centre for asteroids’ monitoring, the NEO Coordination Centre, and to explain how it operates and which are the actual and future activities of ESA and of the researcher network that works for ESA.